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1. Burlesque Classes Are Inclusive
One thing I love about burlesque dance is that any body type can do it. It encourages everyone to love their body and embrace it wholeheartedly. The moves are mostly low impact so any body type can do them. Pressing that play button might be the start to loving your body because you’re telling the world that you believe in your sexiness!
2. Feel Sexier Inside And Out
If you’ve always struggled with feeling sexy, burlesque dance can help improve that part of your personality. Burlesque dance takes a lot of emotion and physicality that you HAVE to embrace your inner sex goddess. Even if the move is just to crawl back and forth, the way you attack that crawl will change the way you feel about yourself overall.
3. Learn Something New About Yourself
Do you ever think you’re not the creative type? Maybe you didn’t know you had an inner sex goddess? Don’t worry, hunny, try a burlesque dance class and you’ll learn so much more about yourself. I learned that I can pull off a sexy hair flip and that I’m a little obsessed with leg warmers too.

Devils burlesque classes are designed for students interested in learning on a regular basis and work towards a polished routine - either for stage or just for fun!
Places are strictly limited in this class and provided on a first come, first served basis.
No experience whatsoever is needed. Any size, shape or gender. All levels of skill can be catered to.
Over 8 weeks you will learn to exude confidence and sex appeal - plus the fundamentals of burlesque!
Each class is designed to teach you a combination of technique, musicality and performance tips. You will spend part of your class learning these skills, and the other part working towards a group routine (performance is optional).
You will have an opportunity to perform this group routine together at The Devils Burlesque Academy Grad show.